Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Video of Michele Bachmann SOTU Gaffe

AP Story and video at the WCCO web site:

Bachmann Raises Eyebrows With Long Hold On Bush

(AP) WASHINGTON On Capitol Hill, senators sometimes put holds on presidential nominees. But it was a House member, freshman Rep. Michele Bachmann, who put a hold on the president Tuesday night.

As Bush made his way through the crowd of lawmakers after his State of the Union speech, he signed autographs, including two for Bachmann, a Minnesota Republican. But after the president turned to greet someone else, Bachmann put her hand on his shoulder and held it there.

The hold lasted as Bush shook hands and chatted with other lawmakers on the other side of the aisle, his back to Bachmann. It remained there even as Bush turned back around to kiss a lawmaker next to Bachmann. Finally, the president leaned into Bachmann for a kiss.

All told, Bachmann had Bush in her grasp for nearly 30 seconds.

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Mollie said...

I am surprised the Secret Service did not protect President Bush from this obvious stalker. Minnesotan's wonder what Rep Bachmann's real reasons were for running for congress. The secret service would not allow me to walk one block to my office at 50th and Park Ave NYC (one block from the Waldorf) while the president was staying there. I had 3 forms of picture ID and I was only trying to get to work to pay taxes for President Bush's NYC police protection, I guess I should have had Rep Bachmann with me.