Friday, October 20, 2006

Michele Bachmann: "It's pink...

...and it does what it's supposed to do!!!"

See it here and at You Tube.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Bachmann Sampler

New, shorter, edited, greatest hits version of Bachmann's "testimony" on Saturday:

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Michele Bachmann Gets "Hot" in Church

Michele Bachmann gets hot! hot! hot! at the 11 o'clock service at the Living Word Church in Brooklyn Park October 15, 2006:

Bachmann is "hot"?... where have we heard that before?

Talk-radio jockeys call her Senator Eye Candy and Hot Sexy Minx . Bachmann talks about her skimpy pink dress ...listen here: It's PINK and it does what it's supposed to do! . Saint or sinner?...You decide!!!

Michele Bachmann in "Some Like it Hot"

...or cold. Michele Bachmann just doesn't want you to be "lukewarm". This is the first part of the "testimony" Bachmann gave at the Living Word Church. The second part of this video is on the preceding post.

Michele Bachmann: "You Are Looking at a Fool For Christ."

"God is focusing like a laser beam on this race"

Watch Michele Bachmann talk about how God called on her to run for Congress at Mac Hammond's Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota today.

Eva adds:

Commenter James asks:

Could the webmaster of this blog please bump the addresses of editors and newspapers back up to the top so everyone can share this video of Bachmann, and maybe someone will have the guts to publish her selfish claim of being focused on by God like a laser beam.

Ask and you shall receive:

Michele Bachmann's statement:

In the midst of that calling to me, God then called me to run for congress. ....

In the midst of him making this calling sure, what's occured in this particular race is that this congresssional seat - one of 435 in the country - has become one of the top 5 races in the country and in the last week has become one of the top three races in the country and you may have seen now God has in his own will and in his own plan has focused like a laser beam after this scandal that came up about a week or so ago he has focused like a laser beam with his reasoning on this race.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Michele Bachmann Says Terry Schiavo Was "Healthy"

Bachmann on Evolution

Bachmann on Global Warming

Skylark 303 posted this short video on You Tube:

"Michele Bachmann's response to a debate question about global warming. Hilarity ensues."