Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bachmann in Blaine Part II

Rushing from the convention in Blaine, Michele Bachmann's campaign manager tells Bachmann, "That's Ken Avidor".

Are Republicans Swiftboating David Francis?

Republican candidates Michele Bachmann and Ray Vandeveer turn a Memorial Day observance into a campaign event. Democratic candidate for State Senator and former Navy Captain David Francis was not invited. We ask Dave Francis to comment.

Michele Bachmann in "Mr. President, Mr. President"

Excerpts from the end of the 2004 session of Minnesota Senate. Hear Bachmann yell "Mr. President, Mr. President".

Michele Bachmann and Her "Nuclear Response"

Minnesota Senator Michele Bachmann is a dangerous right-wing theocrat who said in an MPR interview that the U.S. should consider using nuclear weapons on Iran. She also talks about going after Venezuela. How can Bachmann describe herself as "pro-life"?

Does Michele Bachmann think veterans are props for her campaign?

Eva Young talks to Michael Gerster.

Bachmann Bathroomgate Movie

This is a long movie, but worth the download. Eyewitnesses describe how Bachmann freaked out in a public bathroom in Scandia. Includes a reading of statements made to the sheriff by the women who were in the bathroom.

Read more about this incicent here.

Bachmann in Blaine Part I

Michele Bachmann's speech before delegates to the Senate District 51 Convention March 25, 2006