Monday, October 16, 2006

Bachmann Sampler

New, shorter, edited, greatest hits version of Bachmann's "testimony" on Saturday:


webstertiums said...

She got a post doctorate (sic) degree? Hmmm, as an academic, I have to wonder what she means by this. This sounds very lame, frankly.

In the field of law, a "Juris Doctorate" is the first professional degree earned, but not a terminal degree. One CAN be called "Dr." but it is an unusual practice and considered pretentious, even by other attorneys. In Law, to say that one earned a "post doctoral degree" usually means advanced training in an area such as trial advocacy, taxation law, intellectual property law, etc. However, it is unusual to describe it as a "post doctoral degree" unless the degree was in research and was a PhD, in which case the person would just say they got their PhD, and THAT is when they would call themselves "Dr.", unless the person wants to make themselves sound more impressive than they actually are. As is obviously the case here.

My point is this: here she is, testifying in a church before her own god, being vain and pretentious, and puffing herself up in a very unchristian fashion while testifying that she is a good christian, and pretending that she has not been spreading hate, divisiveness, and lies in the name of that same religion.

And I can't help but wonder: beyond the conceit and self-love, I wonder what other messages those voices in her head are going to whisper as this psychosis develops...Is there any medical evaluation required for members of congress before they take office?

Anonymous said...

I'm just guessing here, but I don't think God would approve of those calves in that outfit. I couldn't hear anything as I was blinded by the overall "bowling pin" appearance. Also she wasn't saying anything.